Course Curriculum

Introduction & Overview
Overview 00:20:00
Overview of what you will be learning in this course.
How to complete this course 00:20:00
Some quick notes on getting started
Part 1
What I know already FREE 00:10:00
Take a quiz to see what you know already about Autism
QUIZ: What I know already 00:10:00
Definition of Autism Spectrum Disorder 00:00:00
Characteristics and myths 02:00:00
This unit looks at myths vs facts, social interaction and social communication. The unit also covers policies and procedures.
Common comorbidities 00:00:00
Practical tips 00:20:00
A list of suggestions and tips which may prove helpful when managing someone with autism
Interview techniques 00:20:00
Top tips for conducting interviews and top tips for the interview environment:
Part Two
What I know now: Next steps 00:05:00
Wrap up of what you've learnt in this course.
QUIZ: What I know now 00:10:00