Meet the teacher who’s using Pokémon Go to make his classes awesome

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The instant success of Pokémon Go has seen it become an absolute essential for nostalgic ’90s kids, and teachers are hoping to tap into the potential of such an engaging platform to teach today’s kids some real-world skills.

Craig Smith, the Deputy Principal of Newcastle’s Aspect Hunter School for Children with Autism, leapt at the chance to make the most of the Pokémon phenom.

He has put together a guide to inspire parents of children with and without autism. Released as an iTunes U course, ‘Explore Everything with Pokémon Go!’ shows Go as so much more than a simple treasure hunt. It’s an opportunity to practise social skills, explore senses, to learn, and teach others.

Speaking to Techly, Smith explained that everything that is taught at Aspect Hunter School is done withGardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences in mind. This theory, in essence, suggests that “rather than have one activity to fit a bunch of learning experiences, where classes may be only verbally or only visually based, students are given high-quality learning experiences instead”.

Many of Smith’s students have little to no interest in traditional curriculum-based learning. Some may be really comfortable with maths or logic, but little else. The aim for these students is to get them to try something new, like music, for which they may discover a passion.

The game, which is explained nicely here, has a kind of “magical power to reach kids”, Smith says.

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August 10, 2016

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