Autism to be part of core teacher training

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Campaigners have said that with more than one in 100 children on the autism spectrum and over 70 per cent of them going to mainstream schools every teacher will have autistic students in their classes at some point.

Yet, autism training is not mandatory for teachers and some have no special educational needs training at all, leaving them unable to deal with complex issues that could damage a child’s education.

But Nicky Morgan, the Education Secretary, personally campaigned for teachers to be properly trained in supporting pupils with special needs, specifically autism.

A senior Government source told the Daily Telegraph: “[Mrs Morgan] approached the chair of the initial teacher training review, Stephen Munday, and personally raised the issue of including training on special educational needs (SEN), especially autism, as key part of training.

“She recommended that this is part of the core content that teachers follow. She is passionate about this.”

This is excellent news for thousands of children and young people who will now be able to benefit from teachers who understand more about autismAdam Boddison, chief executive of charity Nasen

The source confirmed autism will be now part of the core learning for teachers as part of their initial training following her recommendation.

Autism can present serious learning difficulties and there have been worries that children aren’t understood and supported properly by teachers who receive ‘patchy training’ on how to deal with this.

A NASUWT survey revealed six in ten teachers said they hadn’t been given the training required to teach autistic children.

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August 10, 2016

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