Lack of training leads to abuse, Bendigo autism advocate says

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An inquiry into services for people with autism spectrum disorder is calling for submissions from the public, and Bendigo autism advocate Rebecca Kelly has outlined her concerns.

Our kids grow up into adults and we’re going to really need to get that support happening.

Rebecca Kelly, autism advocate

Ms Kelly’s eight-year-old daughter was diagnosed with autism four years ago and her son, who is now six, was diagnosed a year later.

“You are born with it; there are some people who believe it’s environmental,” she said.

“In my family it’s genetic. I’m autistic, I think my husband is autistic, my children are autistic, I have cousins who are on the spectrum who have autistic children as well.”

Her personal experience with autism has led Ms Kelly to become an advocate for autistic children and their families in the Bendigo region.

She said the upcoming inquiry by the Family and Community Development Committee was long overdue, especially in regards to services and educational support for people with autism.

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August 10, 2016

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