Like many other people, if you also have the question “how to make cbd oil”, then to your relief, yes it is legal in Canada but for medical purpose only. Marijuana is a great medicinal plant and legalization of this cannabis has brought a ray of hope in the lives of people who are suffering from chronic pain and other health issues. Canadians having marijuana card can buy the weed but they need to have a prescription from an authorized doctor. All these things are obvious and people know such stuff but what people don’t understand much about is the core value of weed, which they need to understand. For instance, Indica vs Sativa is something you must know about.

When purchasing cannabis at the authorized shop, you will see three types of marijuana strains; Indica, Sativa, and hybrid. Indica strains are physically soothing, help in relaxing and lowering down the fatigue. Sativa cannabis provides you with the stimulating and elevating brainy effects that go along with physical activities; this clearly works on your creative instincts and psyche. Hybrid is something that falls somewhere between Indica and sativa scale, depending on the parent strains. Below, we are discussing some unique attributes and primary differences between sativa and indica cannabis strains-

Morphology –sativa and indica have difference in appearance. This difference also helps while recognizing and differentiating the two.

Blossoming time – maturation cycle of sativa plants is comparatively longer than indica plants.

Yields – Indica strains produce heavier yields compared to sativa strains.

Flavor – flavor profile in Indica and sativa strains are completely different.

This was the Indica vs Sativa difference, and this should help you in differentiating the two. If you or anyone in your family is having any health problem that can be addressed by the use of Marijuana, then you must have the prescription to buy medical marijuana in Canada. The Green Doctor Network is prescription referral network that offers a range of medical services through its website.

The Green Doctor Network has the team of licensed doctors who help the patients suffering from different medical problems and need medical marijuana prescriptions. They warmly welcome all those who need help and offer the best possible online consolation. For taking their support you need to be qualified for medical marijuana card. You can also take their free pre-qualifier questionnaire to get eligible for their services instantly. For Canadian medical marijuana Canada prescription by licensed physicians, visit this network now.

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